Hi, my name is Vladimir Konrad.
I am software developer.

Project Design



I build useful web apps & sites.

I am a software developer with many years experience. Focus of my current work is web progaming.
I also provide support for maintenance linux and windows servers and a wide array support for open source software projects.

I have very methodical work style with exacting attention to detail and I work towards self improvement, through continued education, either formal or not.

Programming is a superpower.

Programming allows you to achieve and accomplish things that no ordinary human-being ever could, at amazing speed.

Programming enables you to increase your production and performance nearly infinitely and it can grow exponentially.

Programming allows you to extend your logic and your will out of your body and into the world in a way that only programming can achieve through the use of machines. It can become an extension of your self.

Programs work while you sleep, they work while you take a vacation. They continue working while you work on something else.

Programming has allowed me to start up and scale multiple businesses, almost completely without any direct help.

Programming has allowed me to work for myself. I choose when I work, what I work on, and what I learn about.

Programming has given me freedom.

POS Client

Afrodite Mode Collection

IT Works RS

IT Works RS

IT Works RS

IT Works RS

IT Works RS

IT Works RS

Harrison Kinsley

IT Works RS

IT Works RS

  • Main programming language used: Python 2 and Python 3
  • Web Framework: Flask
  • CSS/HTML5: Most of this is done using Bootstrap
  • Embedded Python 3 console: Created using Brython, a Python replacement for javascript.

I live in the Belgrade, Serbia

Agencija za rańćunarsko programiranje IT WORKS RS Beograd
PIB: 108780281
MB: 63697273
TR:160-420167-90 Banca Intesa ad Beograd